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Iona College - Lindum

Iona Abbey is a place of incredible historical and spiritual significance located on the island of Iona, a remote and tiny island off the coast of Scotland. With a history dating back to 563AD the monastery became famous throughout Europe as a great centre for learning.  

For the Iona College community the connection goes far beyond the sharing of a name. This site is so integral to the school's identity, Iona students and staff sometimes undertake the long journey to visit the island. However, it being the long and difficult journey that it is, the experience of visiting this sacred site is only available to a few. 

The Iona Abbey build was commissioned by Iona College Rector, Fr Michael Twigg so that all students of Iona College may explore the Abbey and establish a connection with an important part of the School's Scottish heritage.

The build was a massive undertaking, using over 70,000 LEGO pieces and taking over 350 hours to complete. It is also almost 2 meters long. The model is also built in a modular fashion, so teachers may remove rooves and move sections around to reveal highly detailed interiors. The build is also home to many LEGO minifigures, some of which bear a likeness to a recent Ionian tour group who were fortunate enough to make the journey in person.

Iona Abbey: Welcome
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