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We are LEGO enthusiasts who have a long history with LEGO building. Both building from a very early age, we had a similar experience of growing up with LEGO till our teen years, then re-discovering it again as adults.

Our first meeting was while exhibiting at one of our local LEGO club events. Having similar interests, it was not surprising when we were drawn to each other's work and immediately became friends. However, it wasn't till "LEGO MASTERS" came to Australian TV screens, that we were inspired to put our skills to the test.

Once we were chosen to be part of LEGO MASTERS Australia - Season 2, we coined the team name "Clicking Bricks". Both as a playful commentary on our instant friendship through LEGO and the more literal sound of putting bricks together. 

After spending so much time building together on "LEGO MASTERS" we found our collaborative building approach to be incredibly rewarding. It's that enjoyable experience of creative collaboration that we now want to share with others.

Please visit the "Services" section to find out how we can share our love of LEGO with you.

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