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Wesley Mission QLD - Chermside

Hummingbird House is Queensland’s only children’s hospice that provides short break stays for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Their family support services include creative therapies and care at the end of life. To help promote and create awareness for these important services, we were commissioned to build the house out of LEGO! 

To help tell the many stories within the house, the model was built in minifig scale, making this model one of our larger projects measuring 1.6 square metres. The build took over 200 hours to complete and was an accurate architectural representation that presented numerous complex technical challenges. A lighting system provided by "Light My Bricks" was installed to help illuminate some of the internal spaces giving the build a feeling of real depth. The rear of the build features a cut-away view exposing the finely detailed interior that explores the journey of one minifig family during a typical stay. This use of LEGO minifigures helped tell many different stories making the viewing experience engaging for people of all ages.

Hummingbird House: Welcome
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