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Co-funded by Study Gold Coast's "Education Vision Project Fund"

We partnered with Study Gold Coast, Emmanuel College plus other of the Gold Coast's prominent educational organisations, to create a series of four builds to promote Gold Coast as a study destination (face-to-face and online). We chose a water dragon, an Australian animal that is found throughout the Gold Coast region. Each water dragon has its own theme and depicts an aspect of the Gold Coast’s beautiful landscape as well as our cultural diversity. Individually each build tells a story and together they create a larger picture of the Gold Coast.

The builds were each assembled at an event in conjunction with our partners where we invited participants to take part in their own LEGO challenge. Teams were given a smaller water dragon of their own and tasked with creating a habitat for their creature. These were highly successful as the teams - often made of people who had just met - were highly engaged and demonstrated a high degree of team work and relationship building.

Gold Coast Water Dragons: Welcome
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