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Being Brickman

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

LEGO Skill Day at Springfield Central State School

We love building and are always keen to embrace any opportunity to share our creations with others. Usually this is done through sharing with fellow LEGO fans the result of our hard work and creativity. But our visit to Springfield Central State School presented a new opportunity to engage and was immensely rewarding. Invited by a particularly passionate group of educators referring to themselves as "The LEGO Crew", we were asked to facilitate a special day where students hand-picked from schools across their local learning coalition took on some special challenges. As the day unfolded we began to tap into our past experiences with our own mentor from LEGO Masters - "Brickman", whom we seemed to channel more and more as the day went on. It wasn't till we went through this experience did we really appreciate how much we learned about building and how to approach creative challenges. This was highlighted by our ability to work with the students in such a way that allowed the students to create builds that they thought beyond them. Again we felt the presence of our own LEGO mentor as the students proudly presented their day's work. We all shared a fantastic sense of accomplishment as they left with a new confidence, armed with new knowledge that will help them progress to the next step in their LEGO building journey.

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May 10, 2022

Great work Damian I saw you on lego masters

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